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So, you’ve spent your time cooking or cleaning or washing or ironing etc, then you look around a few hours later and the fruits of your labour are gone with the wind.

Take a deep breath – it’s time for a Scarlett O’Hara moment.

Tomorrow is another day

It’s true that there’s an element of futility in the domestic regime – but does it do any good to agonise over it every single time we perform the same routine? No, it does no good and could possibly do much harm.

So here’s a little trick to help you postpone/reduce your angst: Make a decision to simply not worry about the futility of it – at the moment. This takes the sting out of the problem, temporarily. You’re not trying to to deny your frustration (which is difficult and also unhealthy), you’re just filing it for future attention.

Intending to worry about it another day is far easier than trying to write it off completely. But, the real beauty of this tactic is that, often, you will forget to worry about it at all! It’s a great feeling to remember that you forgot to worry about something. Especially if it turned out fine and now you don’t need to bother!

Even if you only manage this trick on every other attempt – you will have reduced your angst by half! So the next time you feel beaten by the utter futility of it all, take a tip from one of literature’s greatest heroines. Plan to worry about it tomorrow.


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Picture credit: Foxumon