how do you feel about new year resolutions


It’s that New Year time of year again….

I love it – I love all the optimism and Fresh Start energy. I love to think of the coming year, a clean slate, just waiting for our lives to be written across it. 

However, I know not everyone is a fan of the conventional New Year, New You activities. 

So here are two options – pick whichever suits you:

 • If you like to make new year’s resolutions, then this is for you.

 • If you don’t, you might like my previous musings on the whole resolutions business…..

Whatever you opt for, I wish you a wonderful year ahead – it’s going to be great! (I can just feel it.)

Happy New Year!



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PS Have you done that review of the year’s successes yet? Do it now!


Picture credit: Stephen J. Sullivan