Make peace with housework blog book coverRegular readers will no doubt know I’ve recently been working on another book. (I’m afraid I’ve never been very good at hiding my excitement.) 

My new book chronicles my writing and self-publishing adventures over the last few years.

And to think – it all began with a loathing of housework! (I suppose writing about it is one way to deal with it…)

If you’re interested in writing, or you’re planning to write a book, or just curious about my self-publishing antics (I spill the beans on all kinds of hard-won lessons and lucky breaks) – you can get more details and a sneaky peek at the first pages here.


But what about the ‘Free Book’ bit….?

Well, as part of my launch excitement, I’m including the Make Peace with Housework Book of the Blog ebook (Vol 1), as part of my new book’s download package.

It’s a BOGOF!

(Actually, it’s a BOG(Two)F as I’m chucking in my Recommended Reading List as another bonus – featuring the books that cut years off my indie-author learning curve.)

So, if  penning a bestseller is on your wishlist, you can get all of the above over on You’ll also find my Writers’ Corner blog, where I share my tips on how to write a book (the easy way…). And if you need any encouragement in getting started on that book dream… Million pound advances buy A LOT of help around the house! (Cue wistful music and visions of maids aplenty….)

However, if writing is not your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that normal services will resume here next week, with a lovely post about the things that make you happy. 

Till then!


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