Plan, Shop, Chop

I was once reading a cook-book by that original domestic goddess –Nigella Lawson. In it, she casually mentioned that planning and shopping are as much a part of cooking as the kitchen-based business.

This was a eureka moment for me.

Of course! It seemed so obvious when pointed out! Yet all this time I’d been wondering why I felt so defeated by the prospect of feeding my family. I had neglected to incorporate two of the three vital ingredients – planning and shopping.

I recalled that, often it wasn’t the prospect of making the tea that made me want to hide in a darkened room, it was the effort of thinking what on earth I could cook. And how I expected to feed a family without a little prior grocery shopping, I don’t know.

Success in any venture is much easier when you know what’s required before you start. So, if you are struggling on the culinary front – it will help you to consider the prep work of the process. If you can acquire the habit of planning ahead – it will make your kitchen-life much less of a battle-zone.

And if you still need a little prompting in this department – focus on the potential for pleasure. This is shopping we’re talking about! If you have a tendency towards retail therapy – here’s a chance for a guilt-free spree.

And shop where you actually enjoy the experience. If you’re going to spend a good proportion of your time restocking supplies, you may as well eek out any gratification to be had. Go to your favourite supermarket, or market or deli. The advantage of it being down to you is that you can do it your way.

You’re going to have to face ‘what’s for dinner?’ at some point. And you’re going to need the wherewithal to make it. Giving some thought to these aspects earlier, rather than later, not only makes for better meals, it makes for an easier life for you.

Now isn’t that more to your taste?



As always, I’d love to hear what you think!

Danielle Raine